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Motivation or Inspiration
Basically “Motivation” is forcing people to do something they don’t really want to do or don’t see the need to do. In contrast, “Inspiration” affects people from within, giving them the ability to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. Through his walk and his talk, Randy embodies and imparts a truly inspirational message.
Randy’s wreck, recovery and refusal to quit has been an inspiration to many. It shows the world what anyone can do if they Don’t Give-Up or Give-In. Executives, sports teams, church members, and young people all benefit from his story and in-site.

Your Story

We all have a “Story”…BUT are we using our “Story”. We all have things that happen to us…some are good things and some are bad. However, all the experiences we have in life develop who we are. It sets us apart and makes us Unique. Our “Story” is our largest asset.
Randy shares his “Story” and Inspires others to step out, stop looking at other people’s “Story” and use their Largest asset to Make a Difference.

The Leader Within

Leadership can’t be taught…but unleashed. Through his experiences Randy has discovered that there is a Leader inside everyone that can awakened. There are a set of principles that will help those he speaks to discover that Leader and help become a Better Leader in your daily walk personally and professionally.

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