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July 21, 1991. Randy and his friend Joe were having a normal night out…doing what they knew they shouldn’t, in a they knew they shouldn’t be…One Decision, One Choice WRECKED His Life and His Dreams.

The Decision…

to go see Joe’s girlfriend 80 miles away
The Consequence...

Wrecked, Body Broken, Dreams Destroyed

The Story…

On they way home Joe fell asleep at the wheel, ran off the road,

hit a tree and landed in a ditch.
The Reality…

One Decision changed everything.

A routine night of fun turned into several life-threatening injuries,

and nothing has been normal for Randy ever since…

  • 100+bones broken

  • 33 surgeries

  • 6 months in a wheelchair

  • 8 months of physical therapy learning how to walk

  • 4 toes amputated

  • L4/L5 Back Fusion Surgery

  • Torn Aorta…Aneurism

  • Cronic Pain

  • Constant Physical Challenges

  • Dreams Destroyed!


You might think the Wreck, 1/3 + of his Bones Broke, the 38 Surgeries and the Constant Pain would have BROKEN his motivation and Crushed his spirit. But that’s only because you don’t know Randy!

Who is Randy Swearengin? He could be described as lucky…a survivor…a product of modern medicine…a success story stained by tragedy. But if you look deeper, you’ll discover something else.

You’ll see a man who looks in the face of defeat and pain everyday and says, “I won’t Quit, I won’t Give-Up or Give-In, No Matter What!” You’ll see a man gripped by the promise that God has purposes and plans far beyond our own. You’ll see how he has turned this destruction into success. And you’ll be inspired by his relentless determination, which he loves to impart to others through his dramatic story. Whether the topic is leadership, teamwork, or perseverance, Randy inspires his audiences to embrace and overcome the challenges of life.

The Wreck
The Results
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